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Christa Ludwig

Christa Ludwig

(Born 16 March 1928)



Christa Ludwig is a German mezzo-soprano (now retired).

In a career that spanned from the late 1940's until the early 90's she distinguished herself in performances of opera, lieder, oratorio and major religious works like masses and passions.

In the seventies she played Suzuki to Mirella Freni's Madama Butterfly in the filmed version of Puccini's opera, with Placido Domingo as B.F. Pinkerton.

Christa Ludwig's name has been synonymous with quality throughout her career and she has been a very highly respected artist- peforming regularly with leading conductors and orchestras.

She also performed solos contained in symphonic literature.

Christa Ludwig is one of the featured stars on our "Legends" product range.

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